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Everything we do is practice for something greater than where we currently are.  Practice only makes for improvement.

by Les Brown

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Italic is like that one friend (if you have friends) who is always elegantly dressed, well put together, and looks like they’ve mastered adulting while the rest of us out here are basic comic sans. (I included)

In short, Italic writing is elegant and is mostly used in formal writing.

Italic is written using specialized nibs or pens that give it its distinctive appearance.

Here, we’ll focus on monoline italics, which is the skeletal form of italic writing. Once you understand how to form monoline italics, then you can move on to using italic nibs…

Kind words

I’ve never seen such a useful guide to improving your everyday handwriting. I love the progress tracking pages as this will be a long process so it will be good to see how your progressing so not to feel discouraged. I bought the bundle hoping to practice a few styles and hopefully come up with my own individual style. Seller is friendly and has already offered to help if I need it. Really excited to get started.

– Neha


I bought this to help my handwriting look better in GoodNotes. It was really easy to download from my iPad and I was able to upload it into GoodNotes with ease as well. I am really only using it for the lowercase letters but this has been extremely helpful with improving my writing so far! Would recommend 🙂